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The preaching of the Word of God is a significant feature of all of the Cathedral’s main services, especially on Sundays. Most of the sermons are preached by the resident clergy of the Cathedral but we also welcome the bishops of the Diocese and guest preachers — both lay and ordained — from near and far.

We endeavour to provide both written texts of our sermons (linked from the Title) and YouTube audio recordings (linked from Audio Available column)

Sermon Title



Audio Link

The Reverend Canon Dr John Parr

13 June 2021

First Sunday after Trinity

The Dean

6 June 2021

The Canon Pastor and Sub Dean Matthew Vernon

30 May 2021

Seventh Sunday of Easter

The Reverend Canon Michael Robinson

16 May 2021

Sixth Sunday of Easter

The Very Reverend Joe Hawes, The Dean

9 May 2021

Fifth Sunday of Easter

The Reverend Rufin Emmanuel Chaplain, West Suffolk Hospital.

2 May 2021