Governing Bodies

The wide and extensive ministry and mission of the Cathedral is administered by a significant body of clergy and laity who are employed by the Chapter or by St Edmundsbury Cathedral Enterprises Ltd (the Cathedral’s commercial wing) in a number of “departments”, including liturgy, music, the arts, education, pastoral, finance, administration, catering, estates and buildings. Many of these members of staff attend the weekly staff meeting at which the Cathedral Diary is reviewed and information about people, events and activities is shared.


The Cathedral is governed by three bodies; Chapter, Council and Forum. It is assisted in its ministry and mission by two readers who are lay people (i.e., not ordained as clergy), trained and commissioned to preach and assist with the worship of the church. They preach at the Cathedral and assist at morning and evening prayer. Their role is an important acknowledgement of the lay leadership of the Church. The readers are Margaret Ellis and James Knowles.