Instruments in the Cathedral

The Cathedral is proud to house three world class instruments…

The Cathedral Organ

Built in 2010 by the Durham firm of Harrison & Harrison, the organ was the final major project in the completion of the east end of the Cathedral. Housed in two beautiful new cases, it’s painted in the red and gold colours that adorn much of the building. The new organ incorporates pipework from previous instruments by Norman & Beard (1914) and Nicholson (1970). This glorious instrument may be heard almost every day. For the complete specification, you can download more information here.

Organ - Cathedral Instruments
Steinway Piano - Cathedral Instruments

Steinway Model D piano

Situated in the Nave, the Cathedral is home to a fabulous Steinway concert grand piano. This beautiful instrument was generously donated in 2008. The piano can be heard at many of our lunchtime recitals which take place on Fridays during the spring and summer months. Check out our What’s On page for more information.

Chamber Organ

The Cathedral owns a beautiful chamber organ built by Robin Jennings in 2010. This organ may heard accompanying the Cathedral Choir in some of its older repertoire.

Chamber Organ - Cathedral Instruments

Listen to a selection of Music Reflections on our YouTube channel.