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St Edmundsbury Cathedral to Appoint New Nominations Committee

St Edmundsbury Cathedral is to become a regulated charity with the Charity Commission and is changing and updating its governance structure initially by setting up a Nominations Committee to review and make recommendations to its Chapter (Board).

Once the Cathedral Measure 2021 is fully in force at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Chapter will be regulated by the Charity Commission as well as by the Church Commissioners. All members of the Chapter will be charity trustees and will need to comply with charity law as well as ecclesiastical law. A Nominations Committee is being formed with the purpose of making recommendations to Chapter regarding non-executive membership of Chapter and the membership of the Finance Committee and Risk, Audit and Review Committee.

Cathedral from Churchgate Str

Edward Wild has been appointed as the Chairman of the Nominations Committee. Edward is Managing Director of Wild Search, an executive search, advisory and research business. He comes with plenty of experience at trustee and board level and he currently serves a Governor at St Paul’s Cathedral School, a Council Member (Trustee) of Royal School of Church and a Council Member & Steward at Suffolk Agricultural Association.


Of the Committee, Edward said, “Good governance is fundamental to a charity’s success. It enables and supports compliance with the law and relevant regulations and promotes a culture in which everything works towards fulfilling the charity’s vision. Setting up a good governance framework for the Cathedral is critical to delivering these requirements.”


The Cathedral Nominations Committee will strive to appoint appropriately qualified non-executive members to Chapter and its committees who reflect the diversity of their local Christian community across the county of Suffolk. The Nominations Committee is required to review the diversity of the membership of the Chapter and recommend how the Chapter ensures diversity when it appoints new members. Whilst diversity encompasses age, disability, gender, race and sexual orientation, it can also include diversity of socio-economic background.


The Committee must have a minimum of four members and a maximum of seven members; St Edmundsbury Cathedral are now looking for people to form this new Nominations Committee.


This is a fully open and transparent process, and the Cathedral invite anyone to apply. Please complete the standard application form online and send with a covering letter to Kate Hibbert at If you would like more information before applying, please contact the Chief Operating Officer by emailing sarah- or phone 01284 748720. Those who meet the requirements most closely will be invited for an interview.