Installation of Canon Theologian and Archdeacon of Suffolk

On Sunday 2 February at 3.30 pm St Edmundsbury Cathedral hosts a service of Choral Evensong on the Festival of Candlemas with the Installation of the Venerable Jeanette Gosney and the Reverend Michael Robinson into the College of Canons.

Jeanette Gosney in her role as  Archdeacon of Suffolk will play a key leadership role, supporting hundreds of churches and clergy and helping congregations to flourish.


Michael Robinson will be Canon Theologian at the Cathedral as well as Bishop’s Chaplain.

The Feast of Candlemas, known as The Presentation of Christ in the Temple, marks the end of the church’s season of celebration that began at Christmas and has continued through the Sundays of Epiphany-tide. Candlemas is a reminder that Jesus is ‘a light to lighten the Gentiles’ (Gentiles being the non-Jewish people of the world) and recognized as ‘the glory of God’s people’, when he is presented in the Temple according to the ancient custom of the day.

The College of Canons is an important body in the life of the Cathedral and diocese. When requested by the Bishop, the College advises him on any matter. It is also, under the Appointment of Bishops Act 1533, the body which elects a new diocesan bishop, though it no longer has any power to nominate candidates. In addition, the College meets to consider the Cathedral’s Annual Report and Accounts of the Cathedral and any other matters in the life of the Cathedral that its members see fit to raise.