Interested in finding out more?



Thank you for connecting with us in one of our online services. If your interest is piqued, or you have more free time than usual and want to think more about faith, consider giving one of the following a try.

1) Learn to pray

Is there anyone out there?
Maybe you have whispered a prayer like that in the middle of the night…

Whether or not you have got an answer to that question, we invite you to try praying – light a candle in your window, and pray for yourself, your neighbours, your family, all the situations that are on your mind right now.

Join us in prayer at Lightwave Suffolk

2) Alpha Online – a relaxed way to explore the big questions of life and the Christian faith in a friendly, informal environment, from the comfort of your own house. Sessions include a short video to watch and a chance to discuss it together over Zoom. Organised by Lightwave Suffolk –  please email to receive details.