The Cathedral’s Mini Meadow

You may have noticed a strip of land on the Garth next to the Cathedral that has been left to grow to full maturity. This is not a mower fault!


The Cathedral does not have a lot of land for us to be able to enact eco practices, and the Garth is a valuable space for people to use in the summer, however this small Meadow has a big purpose!

It has enabled many plants to grow to maturity, supporting insects, butterflies and moths and providing cover for birds as well as food. Providing a small piece of your garden for rewilding does not mean that you just let go. A carefully managed piece of land can be an attribute to a garden. Cutting around the area makes it obvious that it’s being managed and yet it’s a delight to see what will grow, and noticing the different visitors that you get, how many insects and butterflies can you name!



Adding seeds for the following year such as yellow rattle helps to reduce grass and increase flowers. However you find a way to allow nature to flourish it can be rewarding and educational, and a reminder of God’s perfect creation.