Revd Sarah Geileskey

Revd Sarah Geileskey appointed Priest-in-Charge of St Margaret’s in Ipswich

The Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich is delighted to announce that the Revd Sarah Geileskey has been appointed as the new Priest-in-Charge of St Margaret’s in Ipswich. 


We are blend of pride and sorrow at the news of Sarah’s new job; pride in an exciting new role for which she is absolutely ready and completely qualified, and sorrow that after five wonderful years with her as a talented, thoughtful, generous and prayerful colleague, we must now prepare to let her go.


Sarah is not, however, leaving us immediately! There will be time for us to thank Sarah for her brilliant work both in the daily life of the Cathedral and on initiatives like Diddy Disciples, the All-Ages Sunday Service, the Eco Yard, local school connections, The Longest Night service, Girls Night Out and most recently, the Warm Space. Her last Sunday in the Cathedral will be Mothering Sunday, 19 March 2023 and she will be licensed at St Margaret’s on Wednesday 26 April at 7:30 pm. 

Revd Sarah Geileskey

Some words from Sarah herself on her new appointment:


I am… declaring the end from the beginning [Isaiah 46 vv.9,10).


Since beginning at St Edmundsbury Cathedral as an ordinand in late Summer 2017 the end was inevitable, and the hour is now! After almost five and a half years our time together has been longer than we might first have expected, as I have remained with you as Cathedral Curate and now Assistant Priest. There will be time next year for goodbyes; but today I acknowledge my deep gratitude. 


To The Dean and Chapter, thank you for the guidance you have given me and the opportunities which you have entrusted to me.


To the congregation and wider community, thank you for your support, your encouragement and for bearing new things with me.


To my family, Adam, Theo and Anna, thank you for your willingness to be with me on this journey – without you I could not be who I am. 


Alongside much prayer, you have all enabled me to become the person and priest I am today. Thank you.


Though endings bring sadness, looking back at the last five years I can only say how privileged I am to have been a part of an exciting chapter of the story of St Edmundsbury Cathedral – a story which will remain with me as I am now sent out to live and work to God’s praise and glory in the Parish of St Margaret’s, Ipswich: a new beginning. 


For all that has been – thank you! 

For all that is to come, ‘Yes’!