Prisons’ Week

On Sunday 20 October at 10.00 am, the Cathedral will mark Prisons Week in the Choral Eucharist. The Venerable James Ridge, Chaplain General and Archdeacon to HM Prisons will preach, and there will be a Q&A session afterwards.

Members of the prison community will also participate in the service.


All are welcome to attend this service, raising awareness and praying for all of those involved in the life and work of prisons.

The image shows artwork of a butterfly created by a prisoner.

‘Freedom means many things to many people. Freedom to make choices, free to travel, free to live peacefully, free to practice your faith, freedom from oppression and bullying.


But for people who are in prison, freedom for liberty has been removed. In our society, we tend to take freedom for granted, because we enjoy freedom in many forms.


For us Christians, the greatest freedom we can possibly experience, is the freedom from the effects of sin because, sin is the greatest destroyer that mankind can ever experience, and sin, very often remains unseen.’


Alan McMahon, Chaplain at HMP Highpoint