Musicianship Surgery

FREE professional music theory tuition from the Music Department at St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Fed up struggling with music theory? Need some help remembering note names? Want to carry on with music now that school has finished? St Edmundsbury Cathedral are delighted to offer Musicianship Surgery for Young Musicians. We have designed a fun, engaging curriculum to suit all ages and abilities, which covers the Associated Board examination syllabus up to grade 5. We would love you to join us on our musical journey, wherever you are from or what standard you are at – there will be something for you!

Our musicianship surgery sessions will run each Wednesday afternoon, and will be run by DBS checked professional musicians Richard Cook (Director of Music) and William Saunders (former Director of Music at The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook and Assisting Organist). Theory meetings will run via Zoom Video connect; password protected for safeguarding security.


Beginners: 3:00 – 3.30 pm
Intermediate: 3:45 – 4:15 pm
Advanced: 4:30 – 5:00 pm
Post grade 5: 5:15-5:45 pm

To sign up or register your interest, please email A link and instructions of how to access the classes and resources will be sent


∙Time values ∙Time signatures ∙Notes on the stave ∙Clefs ∙Rests ∙Tied notes ∙Dotted notes ∙Accidentals ∙Semitones and Tones ∙Scales and Key Signatures ∙Intervals ∙Tonic Triads ∙Performance Directions ∙Ledger lines ∙Major keys ∙Minor keys ∙Triplets ∙Grouping notes and rests


∙Demisemiquavers ∙Major keys with four sharps and flats ∙Minor keys with four sharps and flats ∙Ledger lines ∙Transposition ∙Compound time ∙Grouping notes and rests ∙Scales and key signatures ∙Intervals ∙Phrasing ∙Performance directions


∙Time signatures ∙The Alto Clef ∙Double sharps and double flats ∙Breves ∙Double dots ∙Duplets ∙Keys with five sharps and flats ∙Technical names of notes ∙Triads and chords I IV and V ∙Intervals ∙Chromatic Scales ∙Ornaments ∙Orchestral Instruments ∙Irregular time signatures ∙The Tenor Clef ∙Major and Minor Keys ∙Transposition ∙Irregular time divisions ∙Intervals ∙Naming chords ∙Ornaments ∙Cadences ∙Performance directions


Post Grade 5:
Smashed your grade 5 theory? In need of some musical inspiration? Craving for a music project to channel your creative juices? Look no further… Join us once a week for tips and advice on a variety of compositional topics. Ranging from writing music for cartoons and films to modern day dance music, you will have the opportunity to create a composition with the help and guidance of expert tutors. A great introduction for those of you considering GCSE music in September or those simply wishing to try their hand at composition.