General Information about Marrying in St Edmundsbury Cathedral

We are glad to help couples with their wedding plans; both preparing for a Wedding Service in the Cathedral and preparation for a marriage relationship that will last for many years. You will find below the information you need about marriage in the Cathedral.

Please read Your Connection to the Cathedral and Setting the Date before contacting us.

We are happy to explore marriage possibilities with all couples, including people who have been married before. Careful preparation is necessary for all couples, though if one of you has been divorced there are particular issues to consider.

The Revd Canon Matthew Vernon is the Cathedral’s Canon Pastor and the person to contact about weddings

Your Connection to the Cathedral

The place to start is your link to the Cathedral. To get married in the Cathedral you need to have some kind of connection to us. These connections are fixed by law, but are broader than you might think. There are two kinds of connection:
1) You live in the Cathedral’s parish; the Cathedral’s parish is a small area of Bury St Edmunds near the Cathedral. It includes one side of Mustow Street and Eastgate Street and the Vinefields.
2) You have a worshipping or close connection to the Cathedral. A worshipping connection to the Cathedral means you have attended Services at the Cathedral regularly at some point in your life: either as a child with your family, as a Cathedral chorister, or as an adult. Having been a Student at St James School is not sufficient on its own, but you can establish a connection by worshipping at the Cathedral for at least six months. Please speak to Revd Canon Matthew Vernon about your connection to the Cathedral and whether you have a worshipping or close connection.

Setting the Date

Fixing the date is the next step. Please speak to us before you book your Reception. The Cathedral is a very busy place and we might not be able to match your ideal date. Come to us with some suggested dates, and we will do our best to match one; any reception venue will happily hold a provisional booking until we can confirm, and we will hold a provisional booking until they confirm.
Once the date is set the next step is to meet the member of the clergy who will conduct your wedding and to begin to make the detailed arrangements. You will meet them several times before your wedding. This enables the practical details to be sorted out, and for you to get to know them better. The final meeting will be a rehearsal within a few days of the wedding.

Preparing to be Married

As well as all the practical arrangements for the big day, it is important to reflect on your relationship as a couple whilst you prepare for marriage. The wedding ceremony lasts a few hours. They will be some of the happiest hours of your lives. However, a marriage can last 50 years or more and it is worth spending time looking at your relationship skills for that marriage. We use preparation material from the organisation Prepare/Enrich. This involves you completing a questionnaire and then meeting at least twice with a trained guide to discuss the strengths and growth areas in your relationship. These are very practical issues such as communication, family and friends, leisure time, spiritual values and so on.

Wedding Fees

There are various fees and optional extras for a wedding in the Cathedral. You will need this information for your wedding budget. We are currently reviewing these fees. Revd Canon Matthew Vernon can give you more information.

Wedding Information

The Church of England provides details of everything you need to know about a church wedding at
The various things to note about being married in St. Edmundsbury Cathedral that makes it different to marriage in an ordinary church are described in Detailed Arrangements and Fees

Come to the Cathedral

You are always welcome at the Cathedral including worshipping with us at our various services. Details of our services can be found elsewhere on this website