Music in the service includes:

Litany to the Holy Spirit – Peter Hurford

Longing for Light – Bernadette Farrell

O God, You Search Me – Bernadette Farrell

Purify My Heart – Brian Doerksen

Will You Come and Follow Me? – Iona Community



The InHarmony Ash Wednesday online service has been created during lockdown by a team of people from churches across Suffolk.


The service use words and music from a range of sources, including the Iona Community. The music is wide-ranging, and includes arrangements composed especially for this service.


The service includes an opportunity for viewers to participate in the “ashing” ceremony, either individually or with others in their family or bubble.


Churches are encouraged to include this service in their schedule for Lent, either by linking to this page, or by requesting the actual video file to embed in their own web pages. You can request the video file by emailing



How to prepare ashes

Watch a short video showing how you can prepare ashes at home to participate in the service.