InHarmony Report

Did you know?

There are  452 parishes in the Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich

13,000 people attend Sunday morning Anglican services in the Diocese

67% of churches in the Diocese have congregations of fewer than 25

45% of 311 churches sing only hymns

46% of 421 churches answered “yes” to the question “Would you like to introduce new styles of music?”

Over 1100  people sing in church choirs in the Diocese, but  36% of responding choirs have fewer than 10 singers

17% of churches in the Diocese have a music group

The InHarmony Report


The InHarmony Report is the result of a survey of music for worship in Anglican churches across the Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich. 444 parishes responded to the questionnaire (an exceptionally high 94% response rate), so we believe that this survey is the most comprehensive of its kind to be carried out in any Diocese in the country in recent years.


Building on an earlier survey by the Suffolk Organists Association, the InHarmony Survey sought to find out not only what is currently happening in the area of music for worship, but also to give parishes the opportunity to indicate areas in which they would like to move forward – for example, by introducing new music, or through training workshops.


Published in January 2018, the report includes recommendations for future training events and workshops to encourage new growth, and to support rural churches in particular with the challenge of providing appropriate music to enhance worship.

How to obtain the report


The report is available in two formats:


  • An A4 PDF file


  • A printed A4 book, 140 pages in full colour


If you’d like a copy of either, please email