Palms and Thorns

April 14, 2019 | 5:30 pm
St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Reflections for Holy Week in music and drama

Palms and Thorns is somewhere between a church service, a concert and a play. It has elements of all three.


The music is wide-ranging, from 16th choral music to the present day – including extracts from Handel’s Messiah, music from the Iona Community, hymns old and new, and contemporary choral pieces.


There is drama – the result of a drama improvsiation workshop that begins earlier in the day.


As in a normal church service, there are bits where the congregation join in – in prayers, hymns and songs.


Together these elements combine to tell the powerful story of Jesus’ journey from Palm Sunday (when he rides triumphantly into Jerusalem, worshipped by crowds waving palm branches), to Calvary just a few days layer, where a crown of thorns is passed onto his head as he is crucified. How and why did palms becomes thorns?

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