Palms and Thorns Drama Workshop

April 14, 2019 | 11:00 am 7:00 pm
St Edmundsbury Cathedral

What’s involved?

Come and take part in a day of reflection on the events of Holy Week, for all who love to worship through drama and mime. The event is for those who feel comfortable with (or excited by the thought of) taking part in improvisations and dramatic readings on biblical themes.


The day will be split into four sessions, from Jesus’ triumphal entrance into Jerusalem through to his crucifixion, and each will contain a mixture of reflection, prayer and dramatic improvisations.  The day will close with providing the dramatic content for the Palms and Thorns service. 



The sessions will cover:

Session 1: Triumphal Entry – Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem; worldly adulation and its ephemerality.

Session 2: The Last Supper – How did the disciples interpret these events?

Session 3: The Arrest – What would you have done in Gethsemane?

Session 4: The Trial and Crucifixion – Where would you have been?


You will not need to learn any lines but you will need to be willing to take part in improvisations.

We ask that all participants wear black trousers, a black top and flat soled shoes.

To book a place contact Neil Clayton on ‭01394 382019‬ or click here


A donation of £10 per person is requested, to cover the cost of materials.


Please see the Cantus Firmus website for more details