Tracy de Bernhardt-Wood: Seeing is Believing

March 20, 2024 | 1:30 pm 2:00 pm
St Edmundsbury Cathedral

On Wednesday 20 March at 1.30 pm, Tracy de Bernhardt-Wood, Suffolk icon painter will guide us through the art and significance of Icons in Seeing is Believing. This talk takes place in the Week of “Lady Day” when the Church remembers the Virgin Mary.


Tracy’s talk will include.

  • What is an icon?
  • Materials used in Icon painting.
  • The difference between icons and other sacred art.
  • The use of Icons in devotional practice.
  • An Introduction to the traditions and concept of the Mother of God in an icon.
  • Portrait painting in the first century in the middle east and the Alexandrian School.
  • What it is possible to alter in an Icon and what not.
  • An explanation of the current icon being painted alongside Icons for The Festival of the Annunciation.


There will be a number Icons on display to see and touch and the talk will be interactive with a good deal of opportunity for discussion.


The talk will last approximately 30 minutes and attendance is free. If you would like to attend and only so we can keep track of numbers, please email  to acknowledge your interest.


Tracy has studied Icons and Icon painting for many years and her training has included academic classical work at the London Atelier of Representational Art and study of iconography under Aidan Hart at the Prince’s Foundation for Traditional Arts. Tracy is currently undertaking doctoral research, on female faces in pre-14th century icons, at the Prince’s Foundation.


You can also visit Tracy at work throughout the week commencing Monday 18 March as our Icon Writer in Residence in the Cathedral’s Lady Chapel, during which time she will be working on painting an icon of Mary entitled “Hodegetria, “she who points the way”.