Christmas 2021

Join us this Christmas season for a programme of events that welcomes everyone to St Edmundsbury Cathedral.

Our traditional services will run alongside some amazing events, like Christmas with Jethro Tull and our Cathedral Christmas Market. Plus, we’ll be welcoming G4 in concert on Saturday 18th December.


You can download our guide to what’s on this November and December here.

We also have a list of our events here.


We even have an event this year that you don’t need to leave your homes for! Join us on your doorstep to sing carols together and spread some much-needed cheer. For more information on doorstep carols, click here.

For those facing loss, anxiety, isolation or ill health, Christmas is a difficult time of year. A special service, The Longest Night, takes place on Sunday 19 December at 5.00 pm. There will be music, carols and quiet reflection to remember those for whom Christmas may be difficult.


Midnight Mass starts at 11.00 pm on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, there will be three services, Holy Communion at 8.00 am, Festal Eucharist at 10.00 am and Evening Prayer at 3.30pm.


Some services will be livestreamed on the Cathedral’s Facebook page.

Dean Joe said: “After a year of uncertainty, Christmas this year offers the hope of the return of something approaching normality! All of our Christmas services are open without the need to book, as is our Christmas Market and many events. We look forward to welcoming you to the Cathedral; it is beautiful, it is yours and it is a sign of hope in a darkened world.”