cathedral beers

St Edmundsbury Cathedral Shop Launches New Beers

Following a successful East Anglian Beer and Cider Festival in August, we’ve now got our very own Cathedral Beers ready for you to buy in the Cathedral Shop!


Artefact Brewing, a small local brewery based in Ixworth, near Bury St Edmunds, has created three beers inspired by, and for, the Cathedral. The Dean’s Undoing is an Extra Special Bitter, The Canon’s Comfort is a Ruby Ale and The Vergers Reward is a gluten-free Blonde Ale. Each beer retails for £3.95. Labels for the beers are inspired by the Cathedral’s iconic vaulted ceiling.

cathedral beers

For some time, it has been an ambition of the Cathedral Enterprises Board to sell alcohol products alongside the Cathedral Shop’s existing food gifting ranges. These products needed to be of the highest quality and locally produced and the Cathedral were thrilled that Artefact agreed to work together on the Cathedral branded beers. After discussion and tastings, the team are delighted with the three beers that have been launched this week and which are available at the Cathedral Shop and Pilgrims’ Kitchen. They will also be sold during the interval at concerts.



Jane Harrison, Manager of St Edmundsbury Cathedral Shop said, “We are really pleased to work with Artefact to create a range of beers which are local, great quality and reflect our cathedral environment. They really complement our existing range in the shop, and I think will prove to be a very popular gift this Christmas!”