60 second snippet – Vaulted Ceiling

The magnificent vaulted ceiling of the Millennium Tower was completed in 2010, when it was also announced that the architects involved had been awarded the RIBA East Spirit of Ingenuity Award for their work.


The woodwork of the vault was carried out by Suffolk-based firm Taylor Made Joinery

Listen to the story on the audio clip and see photos of the vault close up in the gallery (click on photos to enlarge).

Read more about the construction of the vault from the architects Freeland Rees Roberts



The completed vaulted ceiling


Tapestry depicting Christ in Majesty from the Bury Bible


Page from the facsimile Bury Bible


Looking up the Tower to the vault from the crossing


Detail of the painting and gilding


Detail of the signature ‘tree’ (seen also at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge)


A section of the vault is brought into the Cathedral by Taylor Made Joinery


Looking up the Tower before the vault was added